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For Buyers

Procuring infrastructure is hard. Many Buyers - cities and municipalities, federal and state government agencies, utilities, universities, and global manufacturers - can no longer afford to simply replace existing systems with more of the same. Instead, leaders are searching for new, more flexible, efficient, and resilient solutions. They are looking to upgrade their infrastructure. But often the best-available infrastructure technologies, projects, and services are difficult to find, compare, and procure to address local needs.
The Buyers of our infrastructure need more than anecdotes. Buyers need actionable information from around the world to understand what is working, where, and for whom. Buyers need the Atlas.
The Atlas is an online marketplace and recommendation engine for environmental technology and infrastructure solutions. The Atlas helps Buyers find and compare Vendors from around the world by curating a list of relevant, installed, and procurable solutions. Once a solution has been chosen, a Buyer can quickly and directly reach relevant Vendors through messaging and RFP distribution functions. The tool’s growing database of projects and multi-faceted search functionality allow Atlas users to streamline the procurement process from months to minutes.

Use the Atlas to:

  • Inspire innovation in your organization by identifying potential infrastructure solutions designed to address your local environmental challenges.
  • Streamline procurement by reducing your need for consultants and expensive reports to compare the types of solutions available.
  • Improve procurement outcomes by promoting your RFPs to a wider range of national and international bidders.
  • Track existing infrastructure projects alongside new investments to avoid unnecessary overlap and take advantage of opportunities for integration.