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Increasing Civic Engagement & Understanding of Citizen Opinions

Purceville , VA , United States
At a Glance: Purcellville, VA integrated a civic engagement survey tool that has helped them better understand how different neighborhoods, and their residents, feel about small but specific changes the City was planning to make.
The challenges this project addresses are: Citizen Engagement, Transparency, Civic Technology, Basic Services, Transportation, Mobility, Access, Public Safety
Purceville, VA used/is using Polco's survey tool to address this/these challenge(s).
For example, they asked residents to comment on everything from potential bike path fixes and implementing a three way stop-sign at a busy intersection, to opinions about changing tax collection. The data they receive, broken down by geography, helps the Council consider all voices, while taking particular note of those most affected by proposed changes. As new topics come before council for consideration, the city posts a question or two onto their Polco-hosted site and a notification is then sent out via a weekly email to those residents who have previously participated. To date, this input mechanism has helped Purcellville educate the community about what they’re doing while and also building trust that they are actually listening.
  • Increased awareness of and education about local government initiatives.
  • Increased trust in local government.
Who should consider? Any town or city that wants to more strategically solicit citizen input on government initiatives and projects.